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     The World Plan from iConnectHere offers the best rates in the world, with clear calls & remarkable flexibility. Get by-the-minute Broadband Phone that works for you for just $ 6.99 a month.

When you sign up, we immediately give you a $30 bonus. This goes right into your account balance to use for calls anywhere in the world ($30 is good for about 1,500 minutes of calling to the US).
Easy for you. Local for them. iConnectHere offers US and international phone numbers to anyone in the world. Best of all, because The World Plan is not tied to any specific geographical area, you can choose and phone number you want, regardless of where you live. US numbers come free with The World Plan; additional charges may apply for other locations.
All World Plan accounts come with a FREE Linksys PAP2 Phone Adapter. The PAP2 will be sent to you pre-configured and ready to connect to iConnectHere's award winning network. This device usually sells for up to $69 in retail outlets.
Compare iConnectHere’s rates to top destinations with those of other internet phone service providers. The World Plan offers high quality, award winning Internet telephone service and per minute US and international rates you won’t find anywhere else.
All Broadband Phone accounts feature the ability to make calls through your computer using our PC to Phone Soft Client. This free download will turn any computer - even your laptop - into a phone. Calling is extremely easy using the on-screen Soft Client keypad.  Best of all, you can take your broadband phone with you wherever you go!
You can try iConnectHere Broadband Phone risk free for 30 days. We offer a comprehensive money back guarantee so that you can experience our service without making any commitment.
iConnectHere Broadband Phone offers some of the lowest calling rates in the world for your local, long distance and international telephone needs. Our plans can save you up to 80% when compared with traditional phone service, and include bundled features at no extra cost.
iConnectHere Broadband Phone calling plans have a flat monthly fee. Every plan comes packaged with a set of minutes and features bundled in at no extra cost, so you know what your bill will be every month. You always have the option to make out-of-plan calls, and we will notify you of any additional charges, should they occur.
What can you do with 1 cent? Call the US from anywhere in the world!

Unlimited calls to the US, free phone adapter, starts at $15.99.


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